Handwriting Recognition and Digital Ink

MyScript_Technology_illus_digital_inkMyScript technology enables people to “write” digitally (using a finger, a stylus, or another input device) and do remarkable things with that writing. Beyond merely recording this “digital ink,” MyScript converts it to meaningful information—text, graphics, mathematical expressions, or musical notation—enabling users work with their writing as easily as if it were in a standard word processor and to save, search, edit, share, and build on what they have created.

The Ideal Human-Machine Interface (HMI)

MyScript enables truly natural, intuitive human-machine interfaces (HMI), recognizing text in a variety of ways and readily adapting to users’ unique style and preferences. MyScript is equally suited for highly structured data capture (such as digital forms), and free-format handwriting—including a mix of text, graphics, mathematical expressions, and music within documents.
MyScript recognizes handwritten text in a variety of ways and readily adapts to a users’ unique style and preferences.
MyScript Technology in Action

MyScript technology integrates with:


Power and Versatility

MyScript currently supports recognition of 99 languages in isolated character mode and 65 in cursive script.
MyScript technology is available for various standard and embedded platforms and is optimized for integration in operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS, Linux, iOS, and Android. MyScript currently supports recognition of 99 languages in isolated character mode and 65 in cursive script, as well as numerous advanced capabilities:
  • Ink search—Automatically index handwritten text to make it easily searchable
  • Writer adaptation—Learn individual users’ unique writing style and habits for faster, for even more reliable interpretation
  • Prediction / completion—Analyze handwriting in real time and suggest options to complete a word or phrase
  • Document analysis—Accurately analyze pages containing a mix of handwritten diagrams and text

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MyScript Text IconMyScript Text, the Freedom of Natural Input

MyScript allows users to write with digital technology as easily as they would with a paper and pencil. Whether users prefer digital pens, graphic tablets, smartphones, tablets, interactive whiteboards, touchpads, or other devices, MyScript can adapt and excel.

A Global Solution

MyScript supports 64 languages in cursive script and 99 in isolated character mode, across 11 different scripts) (including Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, and Cyrillic characters).

Advanced, High-Impact Capabilities

MyScript combines the convenience and comfort of handwriting with the advanced capabilities of word processing. For example, users can easily search their handwritten text, within a single document or across hundreds of files. MyScript also allows users to edit in real time using natural marks, including cross-outs, text insertions, and more. With intelligent text hyperlinking, users can even look up definitions, search the web, and find related information for any term in their handwritten notes.

MyScript Math IconMyScript Math, Natural Mathematical Expression

With MyScript, users can easily create interactive mathematical exercises and write complex equations using large operators and integrals. This enables far more than a standard keyboard and interface can accomplish, with equations and expressions captured in complete detail. MyScript converts symbols and numbers to digital information and delivers results—from simple calculations to complex equations—in real-time.

Intuitive Functionality

MyScript currently recognizes over 200 mathematical symbols and characters, providing a robust toolkit for handwritten mathematical work. Even better, the technology is time-order independent, emphasizing spatial layout of mathematical terms to better reflect user perspective and ensure accuracy.

MyScript Shape IconMyScript Graphics, Handwriting makes creating graphics productive.

MyScript’s 2D recognition engine provides powerful, reliable graphics interpretation. Rather than simply capturing digital ink as a series of images, MyScript analyzes and identifies a wide variety of graphics, such as circles, lines, arrows, parallelograms, and triangles. This creates vast possibilities for real-world applications, from simple (standardizing and beautifying geometric drawings) to highly sophisticated and specialized (creating digital diagrams, geometry education, programming connected equipment, enhancing graphic design tools).
MyScript Music

MyScript Music IconMyScript Music, Truly Noteworthy Innovation

Nothing can substitute for the intuitive, time-honored process of composing music using handwritten notation. MyScript makes it possible to compose music naturally without sacrificing the convenience and capabilities available with music software. This groundbreaking technology recognizes notes, rests, clefs, bars, time signatures, accidentals, accent marks, and more. MyScript automatically captures and interprets handwritten music, allowing users to save, share, edit, and even perform music with ease.

Speeding and Streamlining Development

MyScript technology is available in three offerings that address distinct development needs and requirements:
MyScript SDK

MyScript Software Development Kit (SDK)

The MyScript Software Development Kit gives you access to all functionalities of MyScript recognition technology, for complete control and customization. This is a perfect option for highly specialized or sophisticated solutions.
MyScript CDK

MyScript Cloud Development Kit (CDK)

The MyScript Cloud Development Kit lets you include advanced handwriting recognition functionality in your solutions without extensive coding or processing. MyScript servers, available as a SaaS or on premise solution, handle all of the heavy lifting and deliver results seamlessly to your users.
MyScript ATK

MyScript Application Toolkit (ATK)

The MyScript Application Toolkit includes a variety of widgets to help you integrate MyScript handwriting recognition technology into your solutions quickly and easily.