MyScript Calculator

The easiest way to calculate

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Write calculations naturally, and get immediate result in any format.


Edit easily: Scratch-out and rewrite as much as needed.


Add percentages and solve unknowns using % and ?.


Keep writing on the next line, all is merged into a single equation.


Drag and drop numbers, and develop your calculation across several lines.

Detailed features
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  • Write and calculate

    Simply write any calculation as you would on paper. The result is automatically calculated.

  • Edit calculations

    Interact live with your calculation: Add new elements or erase naturally with a scratch gesture.

  • Solve

    Use “?” as an unknown to solve any equation. For instance, write: 2 + ? = 5.

  • Automatic vs. on demand

    Get automatic conversion and calculation or take the time you need by using calculation on demand.

  • Display mode

    Display the result in decimal, fraction or mixed numbers. Use radian or degree for trigonometry.

  • Write on several lines

    Whenever you lack space when entering a long calculation, just continue on the next line.

  • Write several calculations

    Write several calculations on different lines. Use drag and drop to easily create multi-step calculations.

  • Drag and drop

    Drag and drop numbers from and to the canvas, the memory bar or to an external app.

  • Memory bar

    Drag and drop numbers on the toolbar to store them. Reuse them by dragging them back onto the canvas.

  • History

    All your previous calculations are automatically saved. Pick one from the history to use it again.

  • Export

    Export a calculation as an image, copy a number as text via a simple tap or drag and drop any number to an external app.

Supported operators

Basic operations
Powers, roots, exponentials
Miscellaneous operations
Inverse trigonometry
acos asin atan acot acosh asinh atanh acoth arccos arcsin arctan arccot arcosh arsinh artanh arcoth
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