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  1. Nebo 2.0: Boost Your ProductivityExternalLink

    We’re coming with a new version of our note-taking application based on artificial intelligence. It’s super-duper, and it’s super easy. Read on for more…

  2. MyScript #1 in online handwritten text recognition competition

    On August 8, MyScript won the international Competition on Online Handwritten Text Recognition.

  3. MyScript presents its new CEO

    MyScript is glad to present its new CEO. Following Paddy Padmanabhan’s retirement, Pierre Laporte has been appointed as the new CEO of MyScript.

  4. MyScript Nebo now available on Samsung Galaxy Note8

    Leading notetaking app enters the smartphone market with added Google Drive support.

  5. Calculator 2: more features, more productivity, easier to use

    MyScript Calculator 2 is remarkably easy to use, features increased flexibility, and adds an array of new capabilities.

  6. MyScript brings Interactive Ink to Google Pixelbook

    MyScript worked closely with Google to optimize MyScript’s Nebo for the Pixelbook’s digital ink features.

  7. Four reasons to attend the MyScript future.write(); digital writing conference

    Whether you’re an application developer, technology innovator, business leader or software architect…

  8. Cursive makes a comeback

    Handwriting, it turns out, is good for you—and has plenty of benefits for the brain besides producing written input.

  9. The boom in handwriting tech

    We’ve seen a strong pivot in the industry toward increased discussion of the productivity benefits of digital writing almost everywhere.