Digital ink solutions that empower teachers and learners

Implemented by systems integrators (SIs), independent software vendors (ISVs), original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), academic institutions and STEM specialists worldwide

  • 50+

    million student users

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  • 250

    math symbols

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MyScript benefits for education

We offer OEMs and ISVs digital ink technology that revolutionizes the educational experience for both teachers and learners. Our software is expressly designed for touch-enabled devices, with friendly UX and advanced AI that makes learning faster, easier and more effective.

  • Teachers

    MyScript solutions help teachers to create course content, communicate complex ideas and assess student work via integrated annotation. Easy editing, search and backup further simplify end-to-end workflows.

  • Students

    Our tech lets students focus on the task, not the tool. By using natural and digital inputs seamlessly and side by side, they can retain and express information more effectively, while ensuring their content stays fully editable and shareable.

Use cases

  • Assessments

    MyScript iink frees educators to mark up work by hand while enjoying the flexibility of digital content. No need to print pages or scan paperwork – and all mark-ups remain fully editable up to the point of export.

  • Note-taking

  • Interactive display

  • Math

  • Foreign languages

MyScript Interactive Ink (iink) SDK

Flexible and easy APIs, ready to integrate


~ 250 symbols

Multilines and matrices

All ages/education levels


Fully responsive

Editing gestures

Formatting gestures


~ 20 connectors and shapes

All types of diagram

Interactive manipulation


100+ symbols

MyScript iink SDK supports major platforms and programming languages

What is supported?

  • Languages

    MyScript iink recognizes handwriting in 72 languages and language variants. You’ll be amazed at how accurately it understands even the messiest scrawl.

  • Math symbols

  • Shapes

  • Music symbols

Turnkey and embeddable apps

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The future of note‑taking

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The easiest way to calculate

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