March 2023


This site uses cookies. These are small files containing a string of characters that are placed on your machine, subject to your choice, to help us provide a better user experience. In general, cookies are used to retain user preferences, store information and provide anonymized tracking data to third party applications for analytics.

MyScript and third-party cookies

When you browse our websites and , we may place various cookies on your computer which will allow us to recognize your computer’s browser for the duration of the cookie’s validity.

We use both essential and non-essential cookies on our websites.

Essential cookies

These are cookies which are strictly necessary for our website to be able to operate. They ensure the proper functioning of this website and their installation does not require your permission. You can set your browser to block or alert you about these cookies, but some parts of the website will then not work.

The following essential cookies are used on :

Cookie nameUsageRetention duration
AWSALBCORSTo provide load balancer feature1 week
AWSALBTo provide load balancer feature1 week

Non-essential cookies

These are cookies that we use to collect aggregated statistics about your visit both on and . You can see below what information we collect about your visit and its retention duration.

Cookie nameUsageRetention duration
GA4To measure traffic and interaction with the website1 year
GtagTo measure traffic and interaction with the website1 year
MyScriptTo keep User’s preferences which are stored for the next visit to 1 year
NeboTo keep User’s preferences which are stored for the next visit to 1 year

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Accepting or refusing cookies

At any moment you can decide to deactivate all cookies on your browser, including functional cookies. You may also change the settings of your browser so that you are warned every time a website places a cookie, which you then may decide to accept or reject.

You may equally decide to delete cookies that have already been placed on your material.

All decisions made about the management of your cookies are managed by a cookie. If you decide to delete all your cookies we will no longer be able to know what choices you have made. In this case, we will ask for your permission to use cookies at your next visit to our website.

To manage your cookies correctly please refer to the configuration guidelines for your preferred internet browser. If you use many different internet browsers you will have to modify the settings for each browser.

How to delete, accept or refuse cookies for some of the internet browsers, please see:

Third-party code trackers

In order to provide you with a dynamic and fast website MyScript uses Content Delivery Networks (CDN), such as Google, which are globally distributed networks of proxy servers whose goal is to provide high performance content to end-users. For example, online content such as text, graphics and scripts. CDNs may place code trackers on your machine in order to follow your use of internet sites and applications and to personalize your browsing experience.

Specific questions concerning the processing of personal data and requests for further information on MyScript’s cookie policy can be sent to .