Handwriting recognition & digital ink SDK

MyScript SDK offers developers and OEMs the full power of our handwriting recognition and interactive ink solutions: flexible, easy to integrate and OS-agnostic.


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MyScript Nebo
The future of note-taking

Handwrite notes, draw freely and annotate imported documents.

MyScript Calculator
The easiest way to calculate

Write and edit calculations with your pen or finger, then get real-time results.




Write single or multi-line mathematical formulas and equations by hand, edit with your pen, convert to typed text and calculate results in real-time.

Supported operations

Mathematical expressions

The Math component supports mathematical inputs across a range of common use cases, from equation systems to matrices.

A large number of symbols are recognized, and you can export to specialized formats such as MathML and LaTeX.

All symbols

Math demo

Discover our online handwriting-to-LaTeX demo, built with web APIs.




Our recognition engine can discern superimposed characters, allowing for easier text entry on small-surface devices like smart watches or IoT, where a virtual keyboard is difficult to use.

Superimposed text is available as a bespoke addition to MyScript SDK. Get in touch for more information.

Recognition modes

Text block

The Text Block component supports single and multi-line text entry in application fields, electronic forms or documents on smartphones, tablets and interactive displays.

Intuitive gestures allow for swift, versatile editing and formatting, as well as quick conversion to typed text. Content can be responsive, adapting to changes in layout and screen orientation while respecting the user’s handwriting. Flexible import and export options make integration easy.

Editing gestures

Text document

The Text Document component is designed as an alternative to traditional word processor apps. Document length is unlimited, and docs can be enriched with drawing, math and diagram blocks.

Content types

Text demo

Discover our online handwriting-to-text demo, built with web APIs.

Case study

Rakuten Kobo reinvents e-readers with MyScript SDK

Read the full story



The Diagram component enables a range of hand-drawn diagrams, from org charts and flow charts to mind maps. Over 10 types of shape and connector are supported, as well as handwritten text in a variety of languages. Natural pen gestures and responsive elements make editing effortless, and it’s easy to export finished work to formats including SVG and GraphML.

Diagram demo

Explore our online diagram-to-pptx demo, built with web APIs.



Sheet music

The Sheet Music component powers accurate recognition of over 100 musical symbols, enabling effortless writing and transcribing of notation.

Sheet music is available as a bespoke addition to MyScript SDK. Get in touch for more information.

  • Notion iOS
    Compose anywhere
  • Notion iOS
    Mona Lisa Sound
    Music notation with handwriting
  • Notion iOS
    Symphony Pro
    Xenon Labs
    Compose by handwriting or tap