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We work with a variety of sectors, including finance, insurance, audit, banking, healthcare, real estate and governments.

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This is the information age – and we can transform the way your business captures, processes, organizes and shares information. We work with ISVs to integrate our tech into their existing services and platforms, as well as helping to devise new, bespoke solutions.

  • Privacy

    We are GDPR-compliant and our tech works offline.

  • Excellence

    Major academic competitions acknowledge that ours is the best recognition on the market.

  • Cross‑platform

    Choose the device and OS that work best for you. Our tech is platform-agnostic.

  • Easy integration

    From devs to support agents, we have the expertise to ensure a painless integration.

Use cases

  • More productive meetings

    Enjoy more productive meetings by capturing data in the most efficient and least distracting way possible. Write, draw and diagram with your pen, type when needed, then accurately convert handwritten content to typed text and perfect shapes, ready to share.

  • Better brainstorming

    Unleash your teams' creativity by bringing handwriting and free drawing into their workflows – while retaining full digital power, flexibility and interactivity. Because the path to the best ideas isn't always linear.

  • Form-filling made easy

    Allow your teams, clients and customers to fill forms with a pen in any of 60+ languages – then convert even the messiest scrawl to type and process it with full digital flexibility. It's the best of both worlds.

  • Digital annotation

    Import existing documents and annotate them by hand. Your markup remains editable and searchable, ensuring enhanced digital flexibility even flattened PDFs and scans of paperwork.


Flexible and easy APIs, ready to integrate


~ 250 symbols

Multilines and matrices

All ages/education levels


Fully responsive

Editing gestures

Formatting gestures


~ 20 connectors and shapes

All types of diagram

Interactive manipulation


100+ symbols

MyScript iink SDK supports major platforms and programming languages

Nebo for Organizations

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