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Leading device manufacturers, solution providers, and application developers depend on MyScript to power their most innovative and successful offerings.


Empowering the enterprise

From individual business applications to complete mobile workforce solutions, MyScript technology is delivering revolutionary benefits for leading organizations and professionals.

Today, more employees are using more devices to capture handwritten information in more settings and scenarios than ever before. MyScript is both enabling and accelerating this trend, with best-in-class character recognition technology featured in top business devices, applications, and solutions. MyScript allows users to capture and use handwritten notes on a touch screen device, enabling advanced document management functionality.

MyScript is a natural addition to touchscreen devices, complementing virtual keyboards and existing interfaces with appealing and intuitive new input methods.


Leading and learning

MyScript is empowering educational technology, in the classroom and beyond. Handwriting is an integral element of both teaching and learning, and computers and technology (including tablets, smart boards, and other touchscreen devices) have become just as essential. MyScript brings the two together seamlessly, creating endless possibility to deliver a more engaging and effective educational experience.

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Unlike traditional OCR/ICR technology, which depends on noisy digital images, MyScript is based on clean, vectorized ink, which enables greater flexibility and accuracy.


Taking handwriting on the road

Modern drivers expect a great deal from their vehicles, including the kind of advanced technology and innovative features they enjoy in the home and workplace. Vehicle infotainment systems are becoming increasingly common and sophisticated, and MyScript enables manufacturers and aftermarket vendors to meet this voracious demand.

MyScript is optimized for major mobile platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows.

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