1. November 9, 2021
    MyScript and Ginger Labs team up to enhance the Notability experience

    You may already be familiar with Notability, one of the world’s most popular note-taking apps. But you may not know that MyScript provides the tech that drives Notability’s superb handwriting recognition.

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  2. October 18, 2021
    How Kobo and MyScript imagined new possibilities for eReading

    What if your eReader were also a digital notebook — one that let you create documents as well as annotating eBooks with a smart stylus?

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  3. July 15, 2021
    iink goes way beyond ordinary digital ink

    Digital ink is at the heart of everything MyScript does. After all, we're the creators of MyScript Interactive Ink (iink), the most advanced digital ink in the world.

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  4. February 27, 2020
    AI. From expert-only to everyone.

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere in our everyday life. From analyzing our online shopping to predict our buying behavior to scrutinizing our movie or music preferences to anticipate what we might like. All the suggestions we receive come from algorithms that have examined all the content we have already seen, listened to or rated.

    We are surrounded by AI, so get on board!

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  5. May 22, 2019
    Microsoft Ink Recognizer, an opportunity for MyScript

    MyScript attended the Microsoft Build 2019 event two weeks ago in Seattle. It is a great event, with a lot of news, in-depth sessions and smart people to exchange with. Altogether a great opportunity for us to get fully updated and make sure that MyScript technology and products leverage the Microsoft platform at best.

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  6. December 13, 2018
    Why bring handwriting at the core of digital content creation?

    “I recently spent a great day at Wacom Connected Ink 2018 event in Tokyo: lots of great people, all fully energized and committed to giving handwriting the place it deserves in the digital world. Wacom was pushing to make digital ink universal, the content you write being leverageable across operating systems and devices. This is an important step forward.

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