Calculator 2: more features, more productivity, easier to use

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MyScript’s Calculator 2 is simply the easiest way to calculate. Adding support for the latest iOS features while building on the solid foundation of the original MyScript Calculator app, MyScript Calculator 2 is remarkably easy to use, features increased flexibility, and adds an array of new capabilities.

MyScript’s original award-winning Calculator app was the first handwriting calculator made for iPhone and iPad. Downloaded by over 50 million users on multiple operating systems, Calculator enjoyed instant, enthusiastic popularity not just among engineers, educators and students impressed with its ability to instantly digitize and solve complex equations, but the everyday user as well. Calculator resonated with anyone eager to move away from the required buttons of typical calculators and more readily integrate figures and sums in their digital documents.

Ease of Use is Key

Solving mathematical equations on most digital devices often involves numerous button inputs or remembering a specific entry sequence. This forces you to spend time and brainpower thinking about how to enter the equation into the calculator and how to store interim results, all of which presents a steep learning curve and slows down the user. By removing this input barrier, the Calculator helps users focus on the problem they’re trying to solve, instead of figuring out how to enter it. Write calculations naturally and get an immediate result.

Calculator 2 allows you to write with your finger as well as a stylus, extend complex calculations over multiple lines, and includes fraction support with either a fraction or decimal calculation display. iPhone users will be pleased with native support for iOS 11 features and iPhone X. Users can drag and drop within multiple equations or send to an external app for solving larger problems with ease.

MyScript Calculator 2 isn’t just for mathematicians and engineers. It’s a simple and valuable tool for students in both primary and higher education to do calculations while enjoying the added benefit of a saved copy that shows your work, which you can refer to later. Digital documents, after all, are much easier to save, file and re-access than multiple sheets of paper. There really is no limit to who can utilize Calculator 2. For instance, chefs can use it in the kitchen to easily and immediately recalculate required ingredient quantities for last minute guest additions or a real estate appraiser can quickly calculate square footage measurement adjustments or financing options and export to their reports.

Other notable Calculator 2 features include:

  • Edit easily: scratch-out and rewrite as much as needed. Keep writing onto the next line, all is merged into a single equation when calculated.
  • Export: export a calculation as an image, copy a number as text via a simple tap or drag and drop any number to an external app.
  • Solve: use “?” as an unknown variable to solve any equation.
  • Trigonometry: write trigonometry formulas by using either radian or degree notation.
  • History: retrieve all your past calculations, making them ready for reuse and export.
  • Mix: drag and drop numbers and develop your calculation across several lines.

MyScript currently recognizes over 200 mathematical symbols and characters, providing a robust toolkit for handwritten mathematical work. Even better, the technology is time-order independent, meaning you can have multiple sub-equations on a page, solve them in whatever order you want, and easily adjust and edit longer equations. This emphasizes an improved spatial layout of mathematical terms to better reflect user intensions and ensure accuracy.

MyScript Calculator 2 is currently available for iOS on the App Store.

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