MyScript for Livescribe

Discover MyScript for Livescribe, the application dedicated to Livescribe Pulse/ Echo Smartpen users that converts your ink to text!

If you already have an activation code bundled with your Livescribe Pulse or Echo pen, please download the trial version and use your 10-character activation code to remove the trial limitation and enjoy permanent use of the application.

MyScript for Livescribe is an application that converts your handwritten notes to digital text:

Select the notes that you want to convert and click the "T" button. In the menu that opens, choose the page you wish to convert and then choose "With Myscript" in the second menu.

Conversion of digital ink into text


MyScript for Livescribe

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- Download MyScript for Livescribe for Mac OS

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Before buying the MyScript license key, make sure you have downloaded the application and enjoyed its 30-day free trial period.


MyScript for Livescribe

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