How MyScript’s Interactive Ink technology is transforming interactive displays

Our working environment has changed dramatically in the last couple of years. Covid has pushed organizations to adopt remote working, and many companies now rely heavily on online tools to maintain communication within and between teams.

Tools that help teams to brainstorm together online have become much more popular, with significant impacts for manufacturers of digital collaboration devices such as interactive displays. These devices (also known as interactive whiteboards) have become much more common in offices over the last decade, as teams have sought to boost productivity through easier editing and better integration with digital workflows — as well as the ability to save work for future reference.

With the move to remote working, we’ve seen virtual versions of interactive displays emerge, either as standalone products or as interactive, handwriting-enabled canvases within collaborative platforms. The recent Apple Freeform announcement confirms this trend.

For over a decade, MyScript has been working with most of the major manufacturers of physical interactive displays. By integrating our Interactive Ink technology into their displays, our partners have boosted their end users’ productivity and empowered their collaborations in a number of ways:

  • Smart editing 
    MyScript tech makes handwritten content digitally flexible. End users can use intuitive, efficient gestures to erase and format their content without breaking their flow, while our software also enables automatic content alignment and shape beautification.

  • Conversion 
    Handwritten or hand-drawn material can be instantly converted to clean digital content, including typed text, formal math symbols, and professional-quality diagrams. Users can enjoy freeform content creation without worrying about the legibility of their final output.

  • Export
    All content can be exported to popular digital document formats for easy reuse or further development within other tools and apps.
  • Import
    No need to start with a blank canvas — end users can prep for a workshop or meeting using a digital note-taking app like Nebo, then continue working with colleagues on their interactive display.

With the recent delivery of iink SDK 2.0, MyScript has once again pushed the boundaries of digital handwriting technology. Our software now offers our world-leading handwriting recognition and Interactive Ink features in an infinite freeform canvas — making it a better fit than ever for interactive displays.

The obvious next step involves making virtual interactive displays as powerful as their physical counterparts — with smarter editing and greater interoperability with the wider digital world. As always, MyScript stands ready to work with new and existing partners to integrate our transformative tech into their collaboration platforms.

MyScript is committed to leveraging the natural benefits of handwriting to increase the productivity of end users. Following the successful integration of our pioneering tech into our digital note-taking app, Nebo, we welcome approaches from prospective partners looking to push team collaboration to the next level.

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23 августа 2022 г.