Build comprehensive and consistent multimodal input methods

MyScript SDK 8, the latest set of releases of MyScript’s handwriting recognition engines, provides new tools to build powerful multimodal input methods (MMI) for your device.

The new 8 release series also brings accuracy improvements to existing text and math recognizers, along with increased language coverage and new recognized symbols.

Why MyScript MMI is better than any other combined IME

MyScript MMI allows building input methods that are able to adapt to different situations and environments: when walking or seating at a desk or even when driving, using the appropriate hardware.

MyScript MMICombined IME
Smart keyboard
Handwriting recognition
Shared prediction model
Shared linguistic adaptation1
Any handwriting style2
Consistent user interaction
Shared recognition engine3

1. With shared linguistic user adaptation, any improvement automatically learned from the user interaction with any input mode will transparently benefit the other modes. Linguistic adaptation executes directly on the device, without server connection, thus protecting user privacy.

2. Cursive, block characters, superimposed characters or words (written on top of another), partial words…

3. A shared recognition engine enables linguistic resource reduction which minimizes required storage and RAM.

The power of multi-modality

The key philosophy behind multi-modality is the ability to seamlessly switch from an input mode to another depending upon the context. The user enjoys unprecedented content creation flexibility and a consistent interaction with the device which results in productivity gains and enhanced user satisfaction.

How the recognition engine works
MyScript SDK enables a shared recognition engine, letting you switch from any input mode and continue writing right were you left off. Linguistic improvements induced from your behavior are also transparently shared across all modes. Finally, keyboard, cursive and superimposed inputs are all built on top of MyScript handwriting recognition technology, assuring a consistent user experience whatever mode you’re in.

Powerful and improved recognition engines

+32 +32 new languages

MyScript SDK text recognition language breadth serves over 90% of the world’s population. With version 8, superimposed mode supports 32 new languages for a new total of 71.


Cursive and keyboard modes now respectively support 72 and 71 languages with the addition of Bosnian, English (Philippines), English (South Africa), Filipino, Cebuano, Swahili, Malagasy, Spanish (Colombia) and the support of Hebrew, Thai, Urdu and Farsi keyboards.

4 symbols

Math recognition has also seen accuracy improvements and supports greater than 200 symbols. MyScript SDK also recognizes shapes with more than 20 base geometric objects, and music recognizes more than 100 symbols.

These recognizers can be easily integrated into your solution, making MyScript technology an ideal choice to address a wide range of application requirements.

Start developing now

MyScript SDK is available for OEMs and ISVs and runs on a wide range of platforms including Microsoft® Windows®, Android™, iOS, Tizen®, QNX® and Linux®. Adaptation to new platforms is facilitated through our Professional Engineering Services. Please contact us to start an evaluation.

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MyScript’s developer portal also provides higher level integration possibilities with ready-to-use building blocks covering a wide range of use-cases.

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