Pushing the boundaries of productivity

Don’t let your handwritten content aside your daily life in the digital world. Thanks to interactive ink, your handwriting is at the core of digital content creation.

Improving your writing experience

Write as if on paper and still benefit from everything technology has to offer. By giving you the flexibility to create and manage your content, interactive ink makes you feel like writing has never been so easy.

  • Scratch-out on handwritten text


    Use intuitive gestures to edit your content.

    Erase a word with a scratch-out, break or join text by drawing a line, format it by underlining or circling it.

  • Responsive handwritten text


    Get optimal readability, regardless of the device.

    Your handwriting is reflowed as typeset text would, whether you happen to change your device orientation or switch devices.

  • Mix of typeset and handwritten text


    Mix handwriting with typed text, treating them equally.

    Use either handwriting or keyboard: No matter the input method, there is no difference on how your content is handled.

Interactive ink in action

These applications are powered by MyScript Interactive Ink. Give them a try to feel the power this technology can bring to your productivity.

APIs for developers

Integrate MyScript Interactive Ink within your applications. Our developer site proposes an increasing set of cross-platform, ready-to-use building blocks covering a wide range of use cases.

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