An Unmatched R&D Center

beaker MyScript Labs is the heart of MyScript research and development. The MyScript Labs team includes leading experts from around the world in artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, linguistics, and other relevant fields. This unique collaboration exists to advance a shared mission: to push the limits of technology and make handwriting the most natural and powerful way for humans to interact with machines.

Handwriting Recognition and Digital Ink

The MyScript handwriting recognition engine enables people to “write” digitally (using a finger, a stylus, or another input device) and do amazing things with that writing. Beyond merely capturing an image of this “digital ink,” MyScript converts it to meaningful information—text, graphics, mathematical expressions, or musical notation—enabling users to edit, share, and search what they have created.
MyScript technology is cross-platform, OS-agnostic, available for various standard and embedded platforms and is optimized for integration in common operating systems. In addition to established support for Microsoft® Windows®, Mac OS®, Linux®, iOS®, and Android™, MyScript can be ported to proprietary systems on demand.

MyScript Labs Mission

MyScript Labs is dedicated to a mission that serves as the focus and goal for all of our activities:
  • Advance handwriting recognition and digital ink management technology to enable truly natural human-machine interfaces (HMI)
  • Provide the best handwriting recognition system for the largest scope of languages (currently 99 languages and 11 different scripts)
  • Develop next-generation capabilities that expand what is possible with digital writing

MyScript Labs at a Glance

  • 17 years of experience creating and advancing handwriting recognition technology
  • Ph.D. level researchers and engineers with unmatched, highly specialized expertise
  • A diverse, international team with global language and cultural expertise
  • Strong background in artificial Intelligence, pattern classification (neural networks), machine learning, and natural language processing (statistical language models)
  • Visit our Wall of Fame WALL OF FAME

MyScript Labs – Wall of Fame

1st Place Award Badge

ICFHR 2016

#1 in Mathematical symbol recognition and matrix recognition
1st Place Award Badge

ICFHR 2014

#1 in isolated math symbol recognition, math expression recognition, and matrix recognition
1st Place Award Badge

ICDAR 2013

#1 in the ‘Cursive Chinese’ #1 in the ‘CROME’ competitions for mathematical excellence
1st Place Award Badge

ICFHR 2012

#1 in Mathematical Expressions
1st Place Award Badge

ICDAR 2011

#1 in the ‘Online Chinese’ and ‘Online Arabic’ competitions
1st Place Award Badge

ICDAR 2009

#1 in the ‘Online Arabic’ competition
Award Badge

IWFHR 2006

Online Tamil Handwritten Character Recognition Competition