MyScript Stylus

This application is not available anymore.

MyScript Stylus, a text input method replacing the keyboard by handwriting recognition!

MyScript Stylus is a powerful and interactive input method which replaces the keyboard in all application requiring text entry such as web browsers, emails, calendars, spreadsheets, Word processors and many more.

With MyScript Stylus, converts your natural handwriting into digital text in real time and benefit from the highest recognition accuracy rate on the market. In addition, the application features a calculator module which enables the resolution of mathematical equations converting symbols and digits and giving the result in real time.

MyScript Stylus is designed for pen or finger-based input devices such as:

Discover MyScript Stylus main features

1- Choose your writing mode:

The full screen mode allows you to write anywhere on the screen.

Write naturally, word by word, on the MyScript Stylus window. Your handwriting is converted in real time in the active application.

In case of the recognized word would not be the expected one, click once on the word; a list of alternatives appears so you can choose the one you want.

Write one character per box. Use this to write passwords, email, web addresses and other specific words.

For traditional keyboard shortcuts, you can also use the MyScript Stylus virtual keyboard mode:

2- Make calculations easily:

The calculator module is an add-on to MyScript Stylus. It enables users to write complex mathematical equations converting symbols & digits and giving the result in real time. This is ideal for classroom exercises or simple everyday calculation.
The calculator recognizes the following symbols: +, -, /, ( ), xx, xx+y, π, √x.

3- Natural gestures to edit and correct your text:

MyScript Stylus recognizes gestures to improve the user experience: