MyScript Studio Notes Edition

This application is not available any more.

MyScript Studio Notes Edition is an end-user application developed to manage, search and convert handwritten notes uploaded from any digital writing device.

MyScript Studio Notes Edition  detects and retrieves incoming handwritten notes downloaded from a pen or other digital writing device and stores them instantly in a default folder on your PC. The handwritten information is indexed and can be searched or converted to text.

MyScript Studio Notes Edition includes all functionalities which have made MyScript’s reputation: the high recognition accuracy rate for text, graphics and diagrams, the wide language coverage, the possibility to create a personalized writing profile, and many more.

Users will also enjoy the easy and intuitive navigation through MyScript Studio Notes Edition thanks to the contextual user interface.

Product description

Notes management

Search engine

Note taking & text edition

Handwriting recognition

MyScript Studio handwriting recognition

Trainer module

This module helps people whose writing style differs from the average to convert their notes with the best possible recognition accuracy rates.

Syncing your notes through the cloud

You can synchronize your .notes files created with MyScript Studio Notes Edition with a large number of cloud services such as Dropbox or SkyDrive. This way, you can access them anytime and anywhere from other devices or machines. If you change them locally or remotely, they will be updated automatically in the cloud. Using this feature, you can also share your notes with other MyScript note taking applications delivering .notes files such as MyScript Notes Mobile (iOS) or MyScript Memo.

The full list of compatible cloud applications is available in the MyScript Studio Notes Edition help.