The Path to Interactive Ink

Published: 22nd February 2016

We’ve reached a tipping point for ink management and handwriting recognition technology.

Today, we’re interacting with digital devices more than ever before. The average American owns four digital devices and each week, consumes more than 60 hours of content across them. Mobile devices have not only infiltrated our personal lives, but our professional lives as well as everyone from field sales reps to creative professionals are looking for new ways to improve productivity across a variety of screen sizes. Content creation in addition to content consumption is now the norm. The more dependent on digital devices we become, the greater the need for more natural methods on input.

At MyScript, we believe the market opportunity for digital ink has seen the tipping point becoming pervasive with stellar growth. We’re seeing a greater demand for digital ink as that natural input method for practical applications in industries that range from automotive, to enterprise to education. It then comes as no surprise that this market segment is expected to continue growing at an annual rate of 30 percent until 2021.

But why now? While handwriting recognition technology has been around for decades, it has struggled to see the same level of adoption experienced by other multi-modal input methods – including voice recognition and even touch enhanced keyboard and mouse functionality. More specifically, handwriting recognition has faced three specific challenges that have inhibited the adoption of digital ink up until this point.

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