The Multimodal Future of Mobile Devices

Published: 29th November 2016

Two big trends driving the development of future personal computing hardware are the need for mobility and the desire for multimodal input. The option for phones, tablets and wearables to offer multiple ways — such as voice, typing, handwriting and more — to enter content is rapidly becoming a requirement. The user experience demands that the user become more productive and satisfied with their data input experience. In coming years, we’ll continue to see an increasing number of devices that allow us ever more ways to input information. MyScript intends to be on the front lines, offering you some of the most innovative technologies out there to help you save time, and quickly create hand written documents and navigate back and forth between them on multiple devices.

Why We Need Multimodality

Multimodal input offers consumers great value because it both increases both ease of use and enhances productivity. Most of us prefer different forms of input for different environments. It would make no sense, for instance, to be in a meeting and try to dictate notes of what was happening in the meeting by voice into your phone. But in some contexts, such as commands and control, using voice input might be preferable. Users often desire to write or use the keyboard but do not want to be bothered by mode selections or forced to write in specific manner. They simply want to input content in a manner convenient to them at the time. The device must adapt to the user – not the user to the device.

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