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New Geometry Widget Makes It Simple For Developers To Create Math Apps That Enhance Student And Teacher Experiences

Published: 5th February 2015

Today’s students can use technology for research, typing papers and even taking notes on their tablets in class. This week, we took education technology a step further by releasing the Geometry Widget that allows developers to easily add handwritten shape recognition to their iOS and Android apps. Offering interactive input, it allows end users to draw shapes freehand or with a stylus on their digital devices.


This widget is the perfect tool for developers creating apps in the education space that are specifically aimed at student assignments, lesson creation and educational games for subjects like geometry.

Better experience, lower learning curve for students

Apps using our new Geometry Widget and powerful shape recognition technology enable students to draw shapes directly on their tablet or mobile device. Handwriting shapes is much easier for students to use as an interface for geometrical figure drawing. Imagine trying to do the same with a legacy keyboard/button interface.

The added bonus is that MyScript technology is completely interactive and can reorganize and “beautify” layouts by improving orientation, horizontal and vertical alignment as well as connections between shapes. The widget provides the capability to turn a quick sketch into a precise presentation.

In addition, instead of tracking just digital ink as a series of individual images, MyScript technology analyzes and identifies more than 20 basic geometric shapes. Leveraging this capability, developers can empower students to create and modify shapes, easily select items using a single tap and erase using the same scratch-out gesture they’d use with traditional pen and paper. Students can save their design or homework for later or they can export it as an image for easy insertion into research papers and assignments.

New insights for teachers

As it becomes easy for students or teachers to create and edit those figures in a digital way, developers can leverage to create efficient lessons, assignment design or completion tools. This will enable teachers to add a figure to a lesson and students to problem solve without needing scratch paper.

Teachers are constantly demanding their students show their work. Not because they’re mean tyrants but because they want to make sure their students understand each step in the process that led to the final answer. With MyScript technology, education developers can create apps that give teachers digital access to students’ full thought processes, not to mention clean versions of the results thanks to the shape recognition.

Digital input also provides overall course information to teachers. What if teachers could look at all of their students’ work in aggregate and cross-reference where the majority of them falter? With the use of digital geometry lessons, teachers don’t have to keep piles of paper to do this. By digitizing homework, they now have insight into exactly which lesson was the hardest during the semester or even the entire grade year.

Today’s students spend most of their waking hours using various forms of technology, so the learning curve for new software needs to be near non-existent. It’s just common sense for technology to integrate the last frontier of students’ lives – the classroom (whether it is a brick and mortar school or a cloud-based learning experience). Now developers must provide them with even more tools to succeed.

The Geometry Widget was demonstrated at the recent Bett Show in London and received enthusiastic initial responses from both education developers and teachers. Both audiences have validated that handwriting provides a better user experience for students.

For more information on the new Geometry Widget, please go here. For developers interested in speaking to a MyScript team member about including the widget in their app, please contact us.

Also check out this short video demonstrating the widget.