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Tip for Retaining Users: Don’t Develop and Ditch

Published: 18th June 2015

According to a 2014 study, one in five apps downloaded by users was opened only once.  It has become so easy to install new apps, that there is little deterring users from downloading apps, only to delete them days, weeks, or months later. Furthermore, once a user downloads an app, the saturated nature of the market means every app’s potential replacement is just a click away. So how can developers keep users engaged? Don’t develop and ditch.

Unlike most traditional businesses, in the world of apps, it can be tempting to adopt a “quantity over quality” strategy. The development cycle for physical products far exceeds that of app development, both in terms of time and cost. As a result, the possibility of launching an unsuccessful product can be the difference between success and failure, which is not the case for most app developers.

So what is the incentive for app developers to remain committed to a single product over numerous generations? Keep users engaged and active.

A great example of this is MyScript Calculator, a showcase app for MyScript math recognition technology. MyScript Calculator launched in 2012, but we have made an ongoing commitment to users. That’s why when selecting new features for the most recent iOS update, we looked to our archive of user requests.

Based on customer input, our development team implemented the following enhancements:

Copy as text: Results can be copied to the clipboard as text which can be used in other apps.

Immediate reuse: Continue a long operation or use the result in a new calculation.

Memory: Save results into memory and use them anytime.

History: Retrieve all past calculations for review, reuse, or export.

At the end of the day, one golden rule persists in both traditional and digital businesses. The customer is always right, and when you implement this rule into your product development strategy, the results speak for themselves.

Note to developers: MyScript Calculator was developed leveraging the Application Toolkit available on the MyScript Developer Program web site. MyScript Math technology currently recognizes over 200 mathematical symbols and characters, providing a robust toolkit for interactive handwritten mathematical work, such as calculations, assessments and engineering documentation. For more information, visit http://dev.myscript.com.

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It’s Awards Season in the App World!

Published: 13th May 2015

Although MyScript is first and foremost a technology company providing tools to developers, we also offer apps to showcase our handwriting recognition and digital ink management capabilities. We are pleased that several of these apps have been recognized in leading global app competitions.


MyScript® Smart Note has been recognized as a finalist in the Appy Awards in the category of Productivity apps.  The annual Appy Awards are dedicated to acknowledging creativity and excellence in mobile, social, and web-based app design.

Debuting in 2014, what sets MyScript Smart Note apart from other note-taking applications available today is that it turns handwritten words and math formulas into interactive text. With MyScript Smart Note, users can write, draw, annotate, and insert pictures into notes. Words and sentences can be quickly moved, split, joined, and erased by simple gestures. Searching for a word or sentences across pages of notes or even notebooks is simple, allowing handwritten notes to be managed with the same ease as any digital document. Notes can be exported as text or PDF, and handwritten text can be copied and pasted into email, messaging or social media apps.

MyScript Smart Note is available for iOS devices on the App Store and for Android on Google Play.

Nominee badge TAC15

MyScript Calculator  has been nominated for a Tabby Award in the category of iPad/Personal Productivity. The Tabby Awards is a global competition recognizing the world’s best tablet apps.

Debuting in 2012, MyScript Calculator allows app users to perform mathematical operations naturally using handwritten input. Users simply write the mathematical expression on the device screen, and MyScript technology converts the symbols and numbers to digital text, delivering the results in real time. Results can be copied to the clipboard as text which can be used in other apps. MyScript Calculator is available for iOS devices on the App Store and for Android on Google Play.

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In addition to the official judging process, tablet app users are invited to vote for the Tabby Awards Users’ Choice. If you love MyScript Calculator as much as we do, we would appreciate your vote! Hurry-the competition ends on June 14!

Note to developers: Want to create your own award-winning apps? Check out the Application Toolkit available on the MyScript Developer Program web site. For more information, visit http://dev.myscript.com.