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Noting the Future of Music with Digital Ink (Bett Show 2016 Preview)

Published: 18th January 2016


This week, MyScript will demonstrate solutions for Education technology OEMs, developers, content and service providers at Bett Show in London (stand B87). Bett Show is the world’s largest education technology event and attracts over 35,000 visitors.

At Bett Show, MyScript will demonstrate how its interactive digital ink capabilities transcend handwritten text recognition to encompass equations, shapes, diagrams, musical notation, and other natural handwritten input. Never before has digital ink been this versatile and powerful. MyScript will demonstrate how this next generation technology can enhance the education experience for students and teachers.

In stand B87, MyScript will also feature a partner demonstration by PreSonus® Notion® for iOS, an app that takes music creation and education to the next level. Thanks to the integration of MyScript technology, iPad users can write music with a finger or stylus and see it effortlessly convert to digital notation.


Using an Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro, users can write with pressure and thickness, which provides a more natural feeling and even greater accuracy. Up to 100+ music elements such as notes, clefs, bars, chords, time signatures, and more can be written and recognized. 

To learn more about Notion’s partnership with MyScript and the impact digital ink has on the future of music, we spoke with Chris Swaffer, Product Manager, Notion at PreSonus Audio Electronics.

Can you tell us a little bit about the story behind PreSonus and  the Notion composition app in particular?

Notion combines notation, sequencing, and live performance tools into one creative environment. Its sound library was recorded in London at the famous Abbey Road studios with the London Symphony Orchestra, and since then, we’ve released five major desktop versions for Mac and Windows.

In 2011, we launched Notion for iPad and added iPhone support in 2015. In 2013, Notion was acquired by PreSonus Audio Electronics, a leading manufacturer of recording and live-sound software and hardware, and we are now part of the team that creates the award winning DAW, Studio One. We’ve been featured by Apple in a number of their iPad campaigns, whether in store or as part of the 2014 YourVerse TV campaign for the iPad Air, and most recently as an “Amazing App for iPad Pro” in the App Store. Notion has been widely adopted by professionals, amateur musicians, and schools.  In fact, Notion was recently nominated for “Best Music Education Product” by the 2016 UK Music Teacher Awards.

Why did you choose to incorporate MyScript technology into the Notion app?

We chose MyScript because we wanted to avoid requiring a learning curve for the user. Other solutions require having to ‘teach’ the software your own handwriting, or having to learn a series of custom gestures. With MyScript, that all has been done and it comes built in – the user just writes music, however they want and however poor their handwriting is (to a point!).

What are some of the benefits of working with MyScript technology from a business standpoint (i.e. ease of use, cost effectiveness, etc.)?

On the business side, we needed a flexible partner that could take the time to understand our particular (and often peculiar!) market and come up with an appropriate solution. MyScript took the time to understand us and our requirements and our vision of how handwriting could be used in our products. It was also important to us that MyScript was an established and leading provider of recognition solutions, so we can rely on their support going forward as we continue to develop Notion. We are really thrilled to be a partner of MyScript at this year’s Bett Show and look forward to seeing teachers getting truly “hands-on” with Notion for iPad!

Several studies have shown that students better retain information through handwritten notes as opposed to typing. Do you think music students better understand what they’re learning by writing composition, as opposed to typing it digitally?

It’s crucial in composition to think about the sound you want and how it should be played when you’re writing a note – to some extent, Notion already encouraged this more than other score-writers with its responsive sounds. However, the act of handwriting engages other tactile areas of the brain that really helps this connection and aids creativity. Of course, handwriting is slower than digital or MIDI input – we invented notation software for a good reason! But Notion now has a solution that combines the convenience of digital notation with the elegance and feel of handwriting. This is especially true when using Notion on the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil. Even though ultimately the actual handwriting is converted to digital notation, having the variable thickness of the lines through the pressure of the pencil as you draw really makes for a haptic and satisfying creative experience.

Learn more

At Bett Show, be sure to visit stand B87 to learn about MyScript solutions for education and for a hands-on Notion demonstration.

Leveraging MyScript Music, developers can create powerful music composition and notation programs, education software, games, or enhance their existing applications for inputting, editing and printing music. Click here to learn more.

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Counting Down to CES 2016!

Published: 3rd January 2016


We are counting down to CES 2016 in Las Vegas!

Schedule your private meeting

Meet with MyScript representatives onsite at CES to learn about the latest developments in digital ink. Learn about our interactive ink capabilities – never before has ink been this versatile and powerful. Find out how you can leverage this next generation technology combined with handwriting recognition advances to create enhanced user experiences. Contact us now to schedule your onsite appointment.

MyScript at Connected Ink Event

MyScript will participate in Wacom’s Connected Ink event on Thursday, January 7 at the Keep Memory Alive Building, 888 W Bonneville Ave. Note that this is an invitation-only event. To learn more, visit the event web site.

We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas!                                    

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Live from Devoxx 2015

Published: 9th November 2015


MyScript’s Pierre-Alban Dewitte and  Yohann Streibel presented at Devoxx, the largest Java Community conference in Europe. The event was held November 9-13 in Antwerp.


Developers had a chance to hear about MyScript Web Components, modular pieces of code that allow developers to rapidly implement handwriting recognition in their applications. MyScript Web Components leverage Polymer project components and MyScriptJS, an open source library that speeds up the development of handwriting interfaces for web applications. MyScriptJS supports common tasks involved in implementing the handwriting user interface, including ink capture, rendering, and requests to the MyScript Cloud recognition service.

Using MyScript Web Components enables developers to significantly reduce development time, easily manage and reuse code, and keep up with the latest handwriting recognition product developments.

MyScript Web Components are available on GitHub. A valid MyScript Cloud account is necessary to use the Web Components. Developers can create a MyScript Cloud account (for free) by signing up on the MyScript Developer Program web site. To learn more, visit http://dev.myscript.com.

Click here to download the slides from Devoxx.


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future.write(); is Coming to Santa Clara

Published: 27th August 2015

It’s that time of year. Time to register for the annual future.write(); Conference and MyScript Developers Forum.  This year, the event will be held October 19-20 in Santa Clara, California.

This is the fourth year that we have hosted this event.  What started as a MyScript Users Group has evolved into a full fledged thought leadership and digital writing ecosystem conference.

Here’s what you can expect from the 2015 event.

Digital Handwriting Trends and Ecosystem General Sessions


We are putting together an exciting agenda at the only industry event dedicated to exploring the power of digital handwriting technology.

By attending, you will have the opportunity to:

- Hear from analysts about the industry trends and market dynamics that are accelerating the adoption of digital handwriting.

- Explore the emerging digital ink ecosystem made up of device manufacturers, software providers, and other key participants

- Join in an enlightening discussion about the need for industry-wide digital ink standards.

- Learn from industry innovators who have leveraged digital handwriting technology to enhance their offerings.

Dynamic Speakers!

Confirmed speakers include:

- Chris Chute, Research Vice President, IDC Global SMB Cloud & Mobility Research Practice

- Pete Mueller, President / Chairman Universal Stylus Initiative and Principal Engineer / Senior Technologist, Intel Corporation

- Heidi Wang, Vice President Portfolio Management and Technology Marketing, Platforms & Applications, Wacom

- Gary Baum, Vice President, Marketing at MyScript

- Murali Veeramoney, General Manager / Director, Concepts and Technology, Intel

- Chris Kruger, Director R&D Labs, Hewlett-Packard

- Dr. Rod Berger, Education Industry Executive & Advisor


Network with conference participants and MyScript product managers and developers during a reception event the evening of October 19.


MyScript Developers Forum

This is a must attend if you would like to get a first look at the latest technology developments from MyScript Labs and learn first-hand about effective ways to integrate and leverage MyScript technology in your product offerings.


Deep dive technology workshops are essential for technical professionals and architects tasked with developing and executing natural input handwriting initiatives. Whether you are new to MyScript technology or have implemented, there will be a session geared to you. This is a special opportunity to get under the hood with MyScript technology in an interactive forum and interact directly with MyScript development and product management team members.

Register Now!

Click here to register for the event. Also check out this video recap from the 2014 event.

We look forward to seeing you in Santa Clara this October! If you have any questions about the event, contact us.

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ISTE 2015 Recap: Defining the Classroom of Tomorrow

Published: 1st July 2015

Is your school “future ready”? This was one of the questions asked in Philadelphia this week, where the leaders in education technology gathered for the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Conference and Expo 2015. The event, which has been taking place for over 30 years, offered a unique opportunity for experts across various fields to share ideas about the future of educational technology.

At this year’s show, sci-fi met the classroom with a slew of new futuristic tools for educators. MyScript team members had a chance to walk the exhibit hall and talk to educators and edtech developers about some of the most buzzed about technologies such as:

3-D Printing: The days of the humble shoebox diorama holding the classroom spotlight are numbered. The potential for 3-D printing technology is huge, considering the product is limited only by the user’s imagination (and those pesky laws of physics). Instead of combing through pages depicting ancient artifacts, in the not-so-distant future, students will pass around replicas of the pharaohs’ treasures.

Virtual Reality: Field trips have always been a staple among classrooms, and nothing will ever be able to replace the joy of the outdoors. But if your prospective destination isn’t in this country, or even on this planet, the concept of the virtual field trip begins to sound appealing. It’s only a matter of time before students will be able to visit Mars in the morning, and then hop over to medieval Europe in the afternoon.

Intuitive Gesture-Centric Input: The way we interact with educational technology is as important to our brains as visual and audio feedback. That is why input methods hold a place of significance for ISTE attendees. A primary gripe heard in the MyScript booth about the age of the computer is that students have become “typing drones” and don’t process information properly. Advances in gesture-centric input, including handwriting recognition technology, are preserving the best of both worlds by replicating the pen and paper experience but adding the power of digital devices.

At ISTE 2015, MyScript showcased use cases for our recognition engines for text, math, shape, and music and how they can be used to enhance the education experience.  We loved the chance to speak with teachers and students as they interacted with the technology on the show floor.


We also demonstrated our new Geometry interactive input method, a shape recognition capability that can be harnessed to create both geometry course material and educational games.

MyScript partner Mathspace joined us in the booth to demonstrate its award-winning adaptive math program for mobile devices. Mathspace incorporates MyScript handwriting recognition technology into its educational app in order to capture students’ individual steps. Mathspace offered attendees a developer’s take on the capabilities of handwriting and how it can be utilized to enhance the student and teacher experience.


At the show, Mathspace participated in and won “Most Likely To Succeed” and “Most Innovative” in the Ed Tech Start-Up Pitch Fest. Click here to read Mathspace’s blog post about the win.

So that’s a wrap for ISTE 2015. We had a great time speaking with a passionate, engaged, and future ready group of educators, students, and educational technology developers who are ready to transform education. We welcome the opportunity to continue the conversation. Feel free to contact us.

Note to edtech developers: To learn how you can build your own award-winning app leveraging MyScript technology, visit the MyScript Developer Program web site. It’s free to sign up and there are great tools and resources available for your use. To learn more, click here.



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Top 6 Reasons to Attend future.write(); – MyScript Digital Writing Conference

Published: 3rd October 2014

We are counting down the days until future.write(); the MyScript Digital Writing Conference to be held October 21-22 at the JW Marriott Union Square in San Francisco.  MyScript has lined up an exciting schedule of industry experts and innovators to share how the digital writing market has evolved, the emerging ecosystem, industry use cases, and what to expect for the future of the technology.

Benefits Of attending future.write();

  • Hear an industry analyst perspective regarding where the digital writing market is heading, trends in devices and input methods, and market dynamics that are driving user adoption.


  • Explore how the need for global standards, exceptional digital pen user experience, and input methods will drive the next stage of adoption. Presenters from the emerging ecosystem include experts from Wacom, N-trig, and NeoLAB Convergence.


  • Discover how digital writing is changing the world with innovative use cases from Adobe, Audi, Khan Academy, Marquardt GmbH, and Mona Lisa Sound.


  • Visit the solution showcase and network with software developers, device manufacturers, and product specialists who have leveraged MyScript technology to enhance their offerings.


  • Explore the latest developments from MyScript Labs, learn about our technology roadmap, and discover how MyScript is developing a global standard for digital writing.


  • Learn first-hand about effective ways to integrate and leverage MyScript technology in your product offerings. Click here to view the workshop session tracks.

Register now!


Bay Area Developers: MyScript is Coming to Your Town!

Published: 15th August 2014

Registration is now open for the MyScript Digital Writing Conference.

Join us in San Francisco this October to discover the power of digital writing, meet with industry innovators, and learn first hand how you can benefit from current and upcoming MyScript technology innovations.

On October 21, general sessions will explore how the digital writing market has evolved and its rapid adoption by OEMs, ISVs, and end users. Hear from industry experts and innovators on the future of digital writing and see solutions that have been created using the technology. Confirmed speakers include senior executives from IDC, Adobe, N-trig, Khan Academy, and the list is growing!

On October 22, attend our technology workshops to learn first-hand about effective ways to integrate our technology into your product offerings. Discover the latest developments in digital writing technology from the pioneers at MyScript Labs, our center for handwriting excellence. Attendees will also have a first look at our technology roadmap and the innovative tools and techniques we will provide to support your development efforts. Deep dive technology workshops will provide a look “under the hood” at MyScript technology.

If you have interest in including handwriting recognition technology in your solutions, you won’t want to miss these interactive sessions.

Learn more and register: http://www.myscript.com/future-write-2014.

We look forward to seeing you in San Francisco!

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