The most natural way to enter text on your devices

Available on iPhone® and iPad®, and on all Android™ devices from KitKat

Write smoothly

Simply enter your text like you are doing on real paper, it’s fast and so natural.

Edit easily

Overwrite part of your words, Join or split words, insert spaces or line breaks and erase words or characters using natural and intuitive gestures.

Select candidates

In case the recognized word is not what you want, MyScript Stylus proposes several additional options enabling you to quickly and easily find the right text.

Additional features

Supporting the language needs of over 90% of the world’s population

MyScript has been recognized with industry, academic, and customer awards for its accuracy. MyScript Stylus is currently available in 53 languages (for the moment) on iOS and in 63 languages on Android including right to left languages.

Auto scrolling panel

The auto scrolling input panel allows you to write using fingertip and stylus in any application.


Your handwriting is converted into digital text in real time


You can change several different parameters like themes, baseline position, ink color…


It’s almost scary how effortless it is to write something out and have it displayed correctly.


The opportunities for using MyScript are fairly limitless.


MyScript Stylus (…) is a great alternative to traditional keyboards


MyScript (…) (offers) better handwriting recognition than a lot of expensive desktop software suites. MyScript Stylus brings that handwriting recognition to all apps by replacing the keyboard on your phone or tablet


Beautiful App!

Makes my life so easy

Jay Sto


This is the most amazing writing to text app on the marketplace!

Krissy Gonzo


WOW! Long time I was looking for an app like this. I LOVE IT !!

Kirton Brown


This is Awesome Really I was Finding this type of app finally someone make it Awesome This App= ⇒ Awesome !

Taha Tariq

Really works!

With this keyboard it's possible to use handwriting in any app. And it really works. It's possible to write very fast because the handwriting recognition is so good, so even if you scribble something quick and almost illegible, the keyboard gets it.


Extremely impressed.

This keyboard is amazing. I just wrote a few emails and found the interface very intuitive and, most importantly, the recognition engine is almost unreal. Thrilled that they produced this keyboard and will be recommending to all of my friends and colleagues!



Amazing keyboard replacement. Almost entirely abrogates the need for specialized note taking apps. Now I can take handwritten notes directly in my favorite word processor effortlessly. I would have paid $5 for this. Handwriting recognition is top notch.