Meet the Developer of Numbers and Letters Game, Samir Toumi

Published: 28th December 2015

Numbers and Letters Game was awarded 1st Runner Up in the recent MyScript App Challenge. Created by Samir Toumi (ST-Design), the app allows users to complete arithmetic and text puzzles using handwriting.

From his DevPost profile, we take a look at Samir’s experience as a developer and what inspired him to create Numbers and Letters Game.

Development background

With experience developing, implementing, and testing iOS apps, Samir has a strong understanding of the mobile development life cycle. He has primarily worked with Objective C, Swift, and Cocoa Touch. Samir’s portfolio consists of everything from calculators to puzzle games, and even a parade tracker that enables users to keep tabs on Carnival of Basel – Switzerland’s biggest carnival. Each of his eight different apps is available on the App Store.

The inspiration behind Numbers and Letters Game

Growing up, Samir used to watch the French television program Des chiffres et des lettres with his father. Since the program tests the numerical and vocabulary skills of contestants, he played along with pen and paper. Samir wanted to develop a game that uses digital ink technology, but he thought it would be too tedious. After finding out about the MyScript App Challenge, Samir saw the game as a real possibility.

How the game works

For the numbers portion of the game, the goal is to use the numbers on the left to write an equation that equals the number on the right. As players advance to more difficult levels, they don’t have to use all the numbers provided on the left. Players can also incorporate numbers that aren’t provided as long as the equation adds up to the number on the right.

When it comes to letters, players are encouraged to write the longest word possible using the letters provided. Although players are not required to use all the letters, they cannot add any letters that weren’t originally made available.

Additional ideas

At first, Samir sought to make a CNC machine programming app using the MyScript Geometry Widget, which would enable CNC machine owners to generate G-Code programs.

Future plans for the app

Samir aims to integrate the app with Facebook so players can create online challenges and compete with their friends. Players will have the opportunity to develop custom levels that can be shared online. A children’s version of the game will also be released.

Interested in trying Numbers and Letters Game? The app is available for preview by the developer and is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch. Click here for more information.

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