Musicians – Sharpen your Pencil, Notion® for iOS now features handwriting

Published: 17th November 2015

Musicians-it’s time to take that shiny new iPad Pro and Pencil and get busy creating your next masterpiece.

The latest update to PreSonus® Notion® for iOS takes mobile music creation to the next level with a new in-app purchase that uses MyScript digital ink technology to add handwriting recognition for iPad users.

Thanks to the integration of MyScript Music, app users can write music with a finger or stylus and see it effortlessly convert to digital notation. Using an Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro, users can write with pressure and thickness, which provides a more natural feeling and even greater accuracy. Up to 100+ music elements such as notes, clefs, bars, chords, time signatures, and more can be written and recognized.

With this MyScript-enhanced update to Notion for iOS, users can choose the note entry method that suits their personal preferences, be it the onscreen fretboard, a MIDI keyboard, selecting and touching notes onto the staff, or drawing with handwriting. Users can also create a custom combination of entry methods.

Notion has been featured as one of the “Amazing Apps for iPad Pro” in the App Store.

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Commenting on the release,  Arnd Kaiser, General Manager of PreSonus Software Ltd. stated, “Composing music with handwriting can be an important part of the creative process. We selected MyScript technology because it enables our users to compose music naturally while leveraging the convenience and powerful capabilities of our composition software. It is the best of both worlds for today’s musician.”

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Note to developers: Leveraging MyScript Music, developers can create powerful music composition and notation programs, education software, games, or enhance their existing applications for inputting, editing and printing music. Click here to learn more.