MyScript Launches Nebo Notetaking App

Published: 8th August 2016

Powered by MyScript Interactive Ink, Nebo enables handwritten digital document creation

AUSTIN, Texas – Aug. 9, 2016 MyScript, a pioneering market leader in accurate, high-performance handwriting recognition and digital ink management technology, announces the launch of Nebo, a brand new notetaking application that showcases the power of its leading-edge Interactive Ink technology.

Available on the Windows and Apple’s App stores, Nebo enables tablet users with active pens to write and edit their handwritten notes in real-time. Now, users can write complex mathematical equations, draw diagrams, sketch pictures and instantly convert to digital form for sharing, searching and storage. All of Nebo’s real-time digitized content – text, diagrams and mathematical equations – is editable with the stylus alone, providing for ease-of-use and productivity gains previously not possible with digital handwriting.

“Nebo is the first notetaking application of its kind that combines the benefits of handwriting with the power and productivity of digital computing,” said Nathalie Delbecque, Nebo product manager, MyScript. “By leveraging the power of Interactive Ink technology, Nebo makes handwritten digital document creation both seamless and highly productive.”

With Nebo, users have the ability to easily edit and manipulate handwritten notes using an active pen and immediately convert it into digital form. Written input can also be formatted using titles, paragraphs and bullet lists. Formats, including layout colors and styles, are preserved when rendered into digital documents. Diagrams, flowcharts, editable equations, freeform sketches and annotated pictures can be included into the note’s content. Nebo is device independent, allowing flexibility and responsiveness to digital ink based on device size and screen orientation. Collaboration is enabled by exporting to other programs or locations like a default browser, Microsoft® Word on Windows or text on iOS.

“With the recent release of MyScript’s Interactive Ink application developer toolkit (ATK), and now the Nebo notetaking application, software developers and OEMs can experience how our breakthrough digital handwriting and ink management technology can be integrated into their own product offerings,” said Denis Manceau, vice president of product management, MyScript. “This is truly a groundbreaking innovation that delivers the most efficient and easy-to-use digital ink experience to users worldwide.”

About MyScript®
MyScript is the acknowledged market leader in accurate, high-performance handwriting recognition and digital ink management technology. MyScript technology combines digital ink management with easy searching of handwritten text, as well as the accurate recognition of complex mathematical equations, geometric shapes and music notation. MyScript solutions are available on all leading desktop and mobile operating systems, including Microsoft® Windows®, Apple® Mac OS®, Linux®, iOS® and Android™. With nearly 100 languages supported and a truly international team, MyScript serves customers worldwide from its headquarters in Nantes, France, and regional offices located in China, Japan, Korea and the U.S.

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