MyScript at the Car HMI Europe 2016

Published: 27th May 2016

Visit us at the Car HMI in Berlin, June 20-21 and discover how we can help minimizing driver distraction while on the move.

As a pioneer in the field, MyScript provides a superior human-machine interface by enabling control of in-vehicle systems through handwritten input. MyScript technology, recognized as the “Most Innovative HMI Technology” at the 2015 Car HMI Concepts and Systems conference, is based on “natural inputs” which allows an intuitive interface with several key benefits:

  • Safe: Minimum Driver Distraction – even while on the move
  • Accurate: Positive User Experience – often the preferred input method
  • Universal: Support For 97 Languages – representing over 90% of the world’s population

We invite you to learn more about our innovative and intuitive car HMI:

Download the Databrief

To learn more about the technology, plan to meet with MyScript representatives during the Car HMI USA 2016 show

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