Nebo—Not Just Another Boring Notetaking App

Published: 30th September 2016

A key component of human communication has always been handheld tools. Today, the tools are in transition to the digital world, including digital handwriting. How is note taking in MyScript’s Nebo different than in hundreds of other ink-based apps? The answer to that question largely depends on if you have ever wanted to edit, correct or change your notes once they were written — and who doesn’t want the power to easily make edits? More importantly, what do you want to do with your hand-written notes once you have taken them? How do you want to share, store and search your notes?

Digital ink innovations have remained stagnant over the last decade providing only limited capabilities. Current digital ink technology only allows the capture and display of digital ink on device surfaces much like physical ink on paper — static representation. If you simply want technology that accurately captures your digital pen’s ink strokes, there are plenty of devices and technologies that today can do that but they fall short of the experience users desire.

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