An unmatched R&D center

The MyScript Labs team includes leading experts from around the world in artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, linguistics, and other relevant fields.


MyScript Labs is dedicated to a mission that serves as the focus and goal for all of our activities:

  1. Advance handwriting recognition and digital ink management technology to enable truly natural human-machine interfaces (HMI)
  2. Provide the best handwriting recognition system for the largest scope of languages (currently 99 languages and 11 different scripts)
  3. Develop next-generation capabilities that expand what is possible with digital writing

At a glance

  • 17 years of experience creating and advancing handwriting recognition technology
  • Ph.D. level researchers and engineers with unmatched, highly specialized expertise
  • A diverse, international team with global language and cultural expertise
  • Strong background in artificial Intelligence, pattern classification (neural networks), machine learning, and natural language processing (statistical language models)

Wall of fame

  • Award badge

    ICFHR 2018

    On-line handwritten text recognition competition

  • Award badge

    ICFHR 2016

    Online Tamil Handwritten Character Recognition Competition

  • Award badge

    ICFHR 2014

    #1 in the ‘Online Arabic’ competition

  • Award badge

    ICDAR 2013

    #1 in the ‘Online Chinese’ and ‘Online Arabic’ competitions

  • Award badge

    ICFHR 2012

    #1 in mathematical expressions

  • Award badge

    ICDAR 2011

    #1 in the ‘Cursive Chinese’ #1 in the ‘CROME’ competitions for mathematical excellence

  • Award badge

    ICDAR 2009

    #1 in isolated math symbol recognition, math expression recognition, and matrix recognition

  • Award badge

    IWFHR 2006

    #1 in mathematical symbol recognition and matrix recognition