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Celebrate Handwriting Day with MyScript

Published: 22nd January 2016

In honor of National Handwriting Day on January 23 (as well as International Handwriting Week), we are taking a moment to reflect on how handwriting impacts our lives every day. From crossing things off your to-do list to the cognitive and collaborative benefits in education and business, there is something about writing by hand that will never be replaced.

Since 1998, MyScript has been 100% devoted to bringing handwriting into the digital world. Through our technology showcase apps and partnerships with leading device manufacturers and developers, we bring new power to ink. Writing by hand on a mobile device mimics the brain activity triggered by traditional pen and paper handwriting, while allowing users to take advantage of a new level of processing power and productivity.

We encourage you to seize the power of digital ink, not just on National Handwriting Day (or the extended International Handwriting Week) but throughout the year. Here are a few ideas to get you started!

Set Yourself Up for Success-Write Down Your Goals

Each year, we all create New Year’s resolutions, and each year, we let them slip away from us. This year, turn those resolutions into true intentions and reach your goals by writing them down and sharing them with friends and family. Apps such as Smart Note for iOS and Android turn handwritten goals into digital content that you can reference all year long. Write your goals down, share them on social media, or just keep them in your notes on your mobile device so you can check back in with them as often as you’d like.

Show Some Love

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and nothing is more thoughtful than a handwritten note showing your loved one that you care. Instead of a paper card or sticky note that might be thrown away, share a handwritten note with them using MyScript so they can save your digital Valentine to their mobile device. This way, they can look back at it whenever they feel like it. And don’t just limit yourself to one day a year, a sweet and thoughtful note to your loved one is appreciated every day!

Crunch Numbers On the Go

In a hurry and need the answer to a math problem? How about trying to figure out the final cost of clothes during a 40 percent off sale at the store? Using MyScript Calculator for iOS or Android, users can jot down a math equation right on their mobile device and have the app fill in the rest. It works for basic operations, powers, roots, logarithms and even trigonometry.

For more advanced needs, check out MyScript MathPad for iOS and share your results as an image or as a LaTeX or MathML string for integration in your documents or even share to other external computation software like WolframAlpha®.

Compose a Masterpiece

For the musicians out there, check out PreSonus® Notion® for iOS (a music notation editor and playback tool app) that has been enhanced with MyScript handwriting recognition. Thanks to the integration of MyScript technology, Notion app users can write music with a finger or stylus and see it effortlessly convert to digital notation. Notion for iOS is available on the App Store and was recently featured as one of Apple’s “Amazing Apps for iPad Pro.”

Make Study Time More Fun and Engaging

With one of our many partners’ educational technology apps (powered by MyScript), you can help your children practice their writing or math studies right on their mobile device. They’re brightly colored and entertaining for your kids, making study time less of a chore and more like playing games!

Some sample apps include:


IXL – Math and English

Khan Academy

Mental Math Help

Multiplication Tables

myBlee Math

Quick Clocks

Quick Fractions

Quick Math – Multiplication Table & Arithmetic Game

Quick Math Jr. and Quick Math Jr. – School Edition

Quick Math+

Shape Lab


Take Your Business Processes Paperless

In today’s highly mobile business environment, more and more industries are adopting tablets as seen by recent IDC research findings. Streamlining information workflows is a key area where tablets can have significant impact. Many mobile solution deployments unfortunately fall short of expected results because they are difficult to use, or require extensive training and support.

Enter naturalForms®, a user friendly data capture solution that makes it easy to transition from paper forms to digital data. naturalForms offers an optimal user experience for capturing data on iPad or Android tablets by providing a natural human machine interface leveraging MyScript technology. Click here to learn more about naturalForms.

Tell Us How You Celebrate Handwriting

We want to know – what ways do you like to use MyScript and our partner apps throughout the year?

Note to Developers

Want to leverage the power of MyScript to develop or enhance your own solution? Check out our developer toolkits.

Happy Handwriting Day!