MyScript’s handwriting recognition pre-integrated with The Qt Company 6.2 LTS release

Handwriting recognition is one of the few non-distracting input methods available to the automotive sector. It allows drivers to search for a destination, a contact or a song while keeping their eyes on the road.

Exactly 4 years after the first integration of MyScript’s technology in The Qt Company 5.12 release, a new contribution code is being made available for the 6.2 LTS release. It allows Qt and MyScript customers to benefit from an “out of the box” solution and reap the rewards of the latest innovations in MyScript’s high-performance handwriting recognition.

“We’re happy to contribute to the Qt ecosystem by pre-integrating MyScript’s market-leading tech for our shared customers. Our enduring partnership with The Qt Company has been expanding since we first initiated discussions at a Car HMI event. Our common vision, aimed at eliminating the integration work for Automotive OEMs and Tier1s, has led to a new user-experience ‘gold standard’ for hundreds of thousands of cars on the road,” explains Olivier Cros, Director — Head of Automotive at MyScript.

One of the unique features of MyScript's technology is that it adapts to the user - rather than requiring the user to adapt to it. This reduces the cognitive load on the driver: there's no need to think about or look at the written inputs to achieve accurate results. Drivers can write as they wish: letter by letter, in handprint mode or cursive, even by superimposing parts of words on top of each other as they write full sentences. MyScript's tech performs the "magic trick" of transforming drivers' apparently indecipherable scribbles into intelligible words - and the actions to which they refer.

With its technology already running in close to 20M cars, MyScript has proven that its handwriting-driven software is safe to use while driving. Moreover, handwriting recognition is already a popular input method in Asian markets, where users are typically familiar with the technology from their mobile devices and may well expect to find it in their cars.

Cros adds: "Our handwriting recognition brings great value to drivers, especially when voice recognition falls short. Both are natural input methods but handwriting always works as it's embedded in the infotainment system and is inherently discreet. A driver can easily and effectively use handwriting to issue commands while listening to music, conversing with passengers or trying to avoid waking sleeping kids. As seen in Audi's advertising, handwriting feels entirely natural and intuitive in cars - it just works. It's no surprise that US regulatory bodies allow handwriting while driving."

MyScript and Qt are proud to have various Automotive OEMs in series production using the strong integration between the Qt Virtual Keyboard and MyScript's handwriting-recognition engine. The alliance between Qt's global HMI design tool and MyScript's input method brings a totally new experience for end-users, which can also be used in markets such as phones, eReaders, IoT and more. Imagine controlling a smartwatch or television remote using handwriting: a swift, intuitive input system not compromised by small screen-sizes - and potentially even more valuable for Asian-language markets, where users are empowered to use thousands of symbols that would be unavailable on a keyboard. In fact, many such solutions, powered by MyScript tech, are already in series production.

From 20 languages in the original integration, MyScript now covers all the 40+ new languages provided by the Qt Virtual Keyboard. It includes word completion, word prediction, editing features and can also be extended to bring added intelligence to the Virtual Keyboard itself.

About MyScript 

Since 1998, MyScript has pioneered the development of AI technology that makes handwriting the basis for powerful human-machine interfaces. Placing ink at the center of the digital world, MyScript's software lets users interact with digital devices in more intuitive and versatile ways, seamlessly integrating handwriting into their workflows.

MyScript also leads the market in automotive handwriting recognition, with close to 20 million cars equipped. The company's pioneering technology enables drivers to interact with car infotainment systems more safely and naturally, while staying focused on the road.

With an international team and support for more than 70 languages, MyScript serves customers worldwide from its headquarters in Nantes, France, as well as regional offices in China, Japan, Korea and the U.S.

4 de noviembre de 2021