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Cursive makes a comeback

Published: 29th June 2017

Alarmed at the prospect of a future where kids don’t learn cursive, communities across the nation have begun to take a hard line fearing what is being lost, “Train our kids to write longhand,” many of them are saying to their public school administrators, “or we’ll pass laws requiring you to do it.”

It’s a real trend, and the pro-cursive forces have science on their side. Handwriting, it turns out, is good for you—and has plenty of benefits for the brain besides producing written input. Handwriting not only strengthens motor skills in children, it provides critical tools for anyone interested in developing their brain, building their memory, and grasping and expressing complex ideas and being more creative. In short, it makes most people smarter.

Why would anyone want to mess with that? In the rush to embrace technology, we have shifted focus to the keyboard at the expense of other important skills, such as writing. The resurgence in cursive writing has even spawned new teaching methods, such as CursiveLogic. Clive Thompson postulates that both are good for their respective tasks in an Inbound speech observing that metacognition favors the pen. Now, you can even take the next step and have the best of writing and computation at the same time. Harness the productivity of digital computing including writing – digital writing. Nebo is a great example of how to bridge the gap.

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