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The Multimodal Future of Mobile Devices

Published: 29th November 2016

Two big trends driving the development of future personal computing hardware are the need for mobility and the desire for multimodal input. The option for phones, tablets and wearables to offer multiple ways — such as voice, typing, handwriting and more — to enter content is rapidly becoming a requirement. The user experience demands that the user become more productive and satisfied with their data input experience. In coming years, we’ll continue to see an increasing number of devices that allow us ever more ways to input information. MyScript intends to be on the front lines, offering you some of the most innovative technologies out there to help you save time, and quickly create hand written documents and navigate back and forth between them on multiple devices.

Why We Need Multimodality

Multimodal input offers consumers great value because it both increases both ease of use and enhances productivity. Most of us prefer different forms of input for different environments. It would make no sense, for instance, to be in a meeting and try to dictate notes of what was happening in the meeting by voice into your phone. But in some contexts, such as commands and control, using voice input might be preferable. Users often desire to write or use the keyboard but do not want to be bothered by mode selections or forced to write in specific manner. They simply want to input content in a manner convenient to them at the time. The device must adapt to the user – not the user to the device.

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Nebo—Not Just Another Boring Notetaking App

Published: 30th September 2016

A key component of human communication has always been handheld tools. Today, the tools are in transition to the digital world, including digital handwriting. How is note taking in MyScript’s Nebo different than in hundreds of other ink-based apps? The answer to that question largely depends on if you have ever wanted to edit, correct or change your notes once they were written — and who doesn’t want the power to easily make edits? More importantly, what do you want to do with your hand-written notes once you have taken them? How do you want to share, store and search your notes?

Digital ink innovations have remained stagnant over the last decade providing only limited capabilities. Current digital ink technology only allows the capture and display of digital ink on device surfaces much like physical ink on paper — static representation. If you simply want technology that accurately captures your digital pen’s ink strokes, there are plenty of devices and technologies that today can do that but they fall short of the experience users desire.

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Why Detachable Tablet Sales Are Skyrocketing

Published: 31st August 2016

PC sales are abysmal. Laptop sales are down. iPad sales are down. Smart phone sales are down. About the only consumer computing sales that are up are the so-called 2-in-1 laptops — i.e., laptops that include detachable tablets that enables users to write on the device, such as the iPad Pro, Surface Pro 4 and similar devices from other OEMs. Digital ink applications and the ability to write, digital handwriting, on the device is emerging as a key differentiator for mobile devices as they move into the workplace.

According to IDC, detachable tablets will drive future growth in the tablet market. Right now the detachable category accounts for 16 percent of the tablet market, but IDC expects it to reach 31 percent in 2020. In the U.S., IDC reports, detachable tablet sales experienced triple-digit year over year growth in Q1. And in Western Europe, detachable tablet sales in Q1 of 2016 were up more than 190 percent year over year.

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MyScript Introduces Interactive Ink and Nebo

Published: 9th August 2016

Interactive Ink is a new form of digital ink technology that allows you to interact with digital ink in the way you interact with text input using a word processor. You can edit, delete, store, share and move your handwritten ink across OS platforms to create digital documents. Interactive Ink relies on real-time predictive handwriting recognition supported by artificial intelligence and neural network architectures. The flexibility of pen and paper can now be combined with the power of digital computing to usher in a new dynamic digital handwriting experience. The power of Interactive Ink is showcased in our recently launched note-taking product, Nebo.

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Your Handwriting’s Never Been the Problem

Published: 31st May 2016

Ever since the advent of the Newton it’s been assumed by a large portion of the pundit class that the problem with handwriting recognition technology is bad writing, and that the scrawled, semi-illegible scribbles most people mark up their documents with is the primary reason effective recognition has been so hard to implement for decades.

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Is now the time for digital handwriting?

Published: 11th May 2016

Pen and paper have become an increasingly rare sight in classrooms around the world – and seemingly for good reason. From engaging students during lectures to encouraging greater collaboration between students both inside and outside of the classroom, mobile devices such as laptops and tablets can have a positive impact on a student’s educational experience.

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5 ways HWR can make your workday more efficient

Published: 28th April 2016

From the back seat of a cab to the boardroom, handwriting recognition (HWR) technology has enabled an increasingly mobile workforce to conduct business more efficiently than ever before. Explore five ways leading organizations and professionals use smartphones and tablets to bridge the gap between paper forms and digital data.

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Sportscar in Tunnel

Technology for Tomorrow’s Drivers

Published: 15th April 2016

Millennials are increasingly taking hold of new car market share, and with these car purchases, many decisions are made based on the technology included with the vehicle. In 2015, U.S. millennials purchased 4 million cars, second only to baby boomers.

Following are several examples of the latest automotive technology, developed to meet the demands of today’s connected drivers.

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Happy National Pencil Day!

Published: 30th March 2016

Today is National Pencil Day, an annual event each March 30th to commemorate the day stationer Hymen Lipman secured the patent for a pencil with an attached eraser in 1858.

Since the pencil’s patent was first filed, handwriting inputs in the classroom have come a long way. In fact, with the prevalence of computers, smartphones and tablets in the classroom, some might argue that handwriting is losing its relevance.

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Evaluating the Impact of Online Learning

Published: 16th March 2016

As more students come to the classroom equipped with smartphones, tablets, laptops and other mobile devices, teachers can take make the most of today’s connectivity by incorporating online learning into the curriculum. Greater collaboration and knowledge-sharing, real-time feedback mechanisms and improved teacher-student interactions are just a few of the advantages offered.

One organization at the forefront of this movement is Education Perfect, a MyScript® customer and online learning company focused on helping high school students excel across classroom subjects.

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