Senior developer - Documentation manager

Type: Permanent
Location: Nantes, France

Job description

MyScript is looking for a senior developer motivated by the success of our clients.

As part of the Professional Services team, you are in charge of the experience of our developer customers, on our dedicated portal and on our Customer support site. You answer their questions and give them advice or code examples to improve their use of our toolkits.

You are responsible for the documentation of our SDKs and toolkits:

  • Follow-up and updates of existing documentation.
  • Documentation of new features and new APIs in a concise, simple and understandable way.
  • Automatization of the documentation process within R&D teams.
  • Interactions with Product Managers and Development Teams.

You manage the team in charge of customer support (2 coworkers).


  • You speak and write in perfect English
  • You are able to assimilate complex concepts and technologies and explain them clearly and make it intuitive
  • You know Markdown and HTML
  • You are able to carry out several projects in parallel and to prioritize requests
  • You are used to working with Engineers and Product Managers
  • You have experience in writing various types of documentation for developers (API documentation, manual, tutorials…)
  • A drawing is better than a long speech, you have the talents of illustrators and are able to produce SVG designs
  • You know C or C++ and an additional programming language like Java, C#, Go, Ruby…
  • You are used to reading source code in different programming languages
  • You know the command line (Linux, Mac or Bash for Windows)
  • You know how to use a source code manager (Git)