Natural Language Processing engineer

Type: Permanent
Location: Nantes, France

Job description

As part of the NLP team you will play a significant role in moving the linguistic resources of our recognition engine to a higher level. You will be required to offer an engineering perspective on a wide range of subjects such:

  • Optimize the creation, maintenance and upgrade of the linguistic resources for all languages covered by the recognition engine
  • Enhance tools for analyzing our system results
  • Design and create scalable data processing workflows
  • Analyze and solve recognition issues reported by the customer support team
  • Provide guidelines to efficiently collect and study realistic data


At the same time, you will also require knowledge in machine learning techniques to:

  • improve language modeling so that it can perform best in a large number of use cases
  • be able to adapt language modeling to the particular behavior of the writer in a transparent way
  • exploit huge amount of data with a multilingual perspective


  • Graduating of a Master or PHD, you have at least 3 years of experience in NLP or in any artificial intelligence field.
  • You have strong software programming skills, ideally in C/C++ and Python.
  • You feel at ease in Linux/Unix.
  • You are aware of aspects related to large data and scalable processes.
  • You are fluent in English and have a passion for working with language data.
  • Autonomous, rigorous, dynamic and a real team-player, you will demonstrate the expertise required for the success of your mission.
  • The following skills would also be appreciated: proficiency in NLP toolkits, NLP modern deep learning knowledge, experience in continuous integration, master of other languages.