MyScript presents its new CEO

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MyScript is glad to present its new CEO. Following Paddy Padmanabhan’s retirement, Pierre Laporte has been appointed as the new CEO of MyScript.

Pierre has been part of MyScript Executive Team since he joined MyScript in 2010 to lead our Research and Product activities.

Father of two daughters and grandfather of three children, he also plays keyboards in a local band.

Pierre firmly believes that handwriting is the most natural and versatile input method.

It is our mission to drive the user adoption of ink-based human-machine interfaces, providing users with an easier and more efficient access to the digital world.

Pierre is also obsessed with the power of team spirit, both within MyScript to bring together all the energies and create compelling products, and in his relationships with partners and customers.

It is by combining talents and expertise that we will create the conditions for user adoption, which will benefit to all parties involved.

As CEO, he will work closely with MyScript Executive Team, to continue leading the market with the best technology for handwriting recognition.

2017 has been a great year for MyScript, with breakthroughs in our product offering. Our Nebo application has been massively adopted as a game changer in the note-taking space. It reveals the benefits of MyScript Interactive Ink, our new HMI ink technology. We have also successfully launched MyScript Interactive Ink SDK, which makes this new technology available to all our customers and partners.

So, as Pierre is used to saying: En Avant !!! (Let’s Go!)

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