MyScript brings Interactive Ink to Google Pixelbook

Google made a slew of announcements this month, including the Google Pixelbook and the Google Pen. It’s clear that the Pixelbook will serve as Google’s competitor to the Microsoft SurfacePro and the Apple iPad Pro. Its specs and design position it as a premium Chrome OS product—and a key part of that is tight integration with the pen and an outstanding digital ink experience.

Nebo is the first award-winning application of its kind that combines the benefits of handwriting with the power, speed and efficiency of digital computing.

MyScript worked closely with Google to optimize MyScript’s Nebo for the Pixelbook’s digital ink features, and we’re excited Nebo was selected to be one of Google’s featured apps demonstrating the fantastic inking experience on the Pixelbook. Click here to see Nebo in action and check out the video below to see the new Google Pen! You can also check Nebo out on the Google Pixelbook website as one of the featured Apps for fun. Apps for getting stuff done.

You can download the powerful notetaking app for Chrome OS today from the Google Play store.

The time for digital ink innovation is now

With a fresh focus on the active pen market, Google is the latest in a long line of tech industry’s prime players turning their attention to digital ink innovation. The time for digital ink is now and the market is ripe for more innovation. According to Variant Market Research, the size of the global digital pen market is set to grow to some $4.2 billion by 2024, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 17.8 percent from 2016 to 2024. The global handwriting recognition (HWR) market is US $1,039.3 million, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15.7 percent by 2025.

Via the Pixelbook, MyScript expects tens of thousands more students, business people and consumers will soon become familiar with the tremendous ease-of-use that MyScript’s Interactive Ink enables, which was simply not possible before last year’s Nebo debut. To name just a few unique benefits of the Interactive Ink technology that powers Nebo, users can easily edit, format, and manipulate handwritten notes, write complex mathematical equations, draw diagrams, sketch pictures, and instantly convert all the text, diagrams and symbols to digital form that can be easily shared and backed up in the cloud. Exporting a digital formatted document to an email, Microsoft Word and other formats enhances productivity gains.

With Interactive Ink, productivity is dramatically advanced by combining the flexibility of pen input with the power of digital processing, making handwritten digital document creation intuitive.

By combining MyScript’s Nebo and Interactive Ink with the Google Pixelbook Pen, people can now easily take handwritten notes and create digital documents on Chrome OS. This is just another step in MyScript’s mission to completely transform the way people interact with their tablets regardless of device or platform.

If you’re reading this and would like to see more of the groundbreaking advances MyScript has been making on the digital writing front firsthand or simply join the discussion, we’d like to invite you to attend MyScript’s upcoming future.write(); conference at the end of this month, Oct. 26-27.

future.write(); is the only global conference dedicated to digital writing and ink interactivity for software developers and strategic business leaders. future.write(); attendees will have a chance to engage with the industry’s foremost thinkers, technologists and developers, and learn about the latest in digital ink trends contributing to rapid market growth.

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