Four reasons to attend the MyScript future.write(); digital writing conference

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The future.write(); conference this Oct. 26–27 in Santa Clara, California is the only global conference focused exclusively on the emerging digital writing markets. With an increasing quantity of high-quality pen-enabled devices entering the market every day, now is the right time to integrate digital writing into applications and devices.

future.write(); is where attendees will learn about the latest technology trends, such as ink interactivity, enabling digital writing market growth. Leading experts will deliberate on the state of active penenabled writing devices, current improvements in user experiences, and the need to establish a digital writing ecosystem to drive global digital ink and stylus standards.

It’s no surprise that more than 70 percent of people spend at least an hour a day writing by hand – with more choosing to take notes digitally. Ink interactivity from MyScript allows users real-time flexibility to create, edit, store, retrieve and move digital ink documents across multiple operating systems and device platforms.

Whether you’re an application developer, technology innovator, business leader or software architect, here are just a few reasons to attend future.write();:

  1. Outstanding speakers. Chief experts and visionaries will share and discuss the state of digital ink technology and the ecosystem. The need for industry standards, digital ink innovations and user experience trends will be explored. MyScript’s own CTO, Pierre Michel Lallican, and other software technologists from MyScript Labs will also provide insight into interactive ink technology and the productivity gains users can expect to enjoy.
  2. Valuable networking. Meet with innovators and leading tech experts. You’ll find many opportunities to discuss user experience trends, technology advances and understand the factors driving ecosystem standards. Learn from those who have integrated digital ink into their devices and applications. Experience a variety of showcase demos at the evening networking event and see firsthand the latest technology in action.
  3. Powerful developer tools. The conference is designed to provide the latest information to developers who want to leverage digital ink capabilities in their applications. There will be details on how you can easily add Interactive Ink to your app for an enhanced user experience and productivity. From concepts to hands-on experience, you will get familiar with MyScript Interactive Ink developer tools that allow you to quickly leverage digital writing into your applications. As a conference attendee, you will get 1,000 free run time licenses valid for one year if your application is native, or three months of free access to MyScript Cloud services. Get started for free! Offer details provided on the future.write(); site.
  4. Great app use case examples. Combining the flexibility of pen and paper with the power and productivity of digital processing, digital writing is dramatically enabling productivity advances for various applications across education, enterprise and consumer markets on all popular OS and mobile device platforms. Many developers will be there who use MyScript technology, including a few that have been designing with early access to the Interactive Ink toolkit.

The surge of stylus innovation in the last 12 to 18 months has led many to claim that digital writing’s moment has finally arrived. MyScript has reinvented digital writing with its revolutionary Interactive Ink technology, and is defining the future of digital writing and digital ink management.

Don’t miss this innovative industry event. We hope to see you in Santa Clara.

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