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The best way to take notes

Write with your Windows® active pen or Apple Pencil™

Surface Pen Outline Vector Illustration Apple Pencil Outline Vector Illustration
Browse compatible devices

Take, edit and convert notes

Structure your notes using titles, paragraphs, and bullet lists then render your ink into text. The layout, colors and styles are preserved. Recognized text is displayed while you write.

Rich content

Add interactive diagrams, editable equations, freeform sketches and annotate pictures.



Draw and manipulate diagrams. Connectors are persistent and stay connected when elements are moved. Edit with gestures and convert the result.


Write and edit math equations. Obtain the calculated results or export equations as LaTeX or image.


Add existing pictures from your gallery or take new pictures using your camera. Add annotations.


Select different colors and pen widths to draw freeform sketches.

Smart layout

Layout is flexible: content scrolls indefinitely and adjusts to the screen size and orientation; blocks can be enlarged, reduced or moved. Ink reflows in accordance to window size and screen orientation.

Browser window that is resizable

Responsive content

Block selection

Resizable blocks

Document with unlimited canvas

Unlimited canvas

Detailed features

User guides

Master Nebo step by step.
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Tips and tutorials

Learn all the secrets of Nebo and boost your productivity (in English).